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Cupid brand guidelines: Leverage, Opportunity, Value, Exhaustion


Cupid brand guidelines: Leverage, Opportunity, Value, Exhaustion


People need to stop worrying about flowers and chocolates and start worrying about getting on-message this Valentine’s Day, according to the ‘official’ brand consultancy for Valentine’s Day’s flying baby hero Cupid.

Grand Cayman-based creative agency Massive Media has released a set of brand guidelines, aiming to provide a “clear strategy to fend off competitive threats from the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, and help secure Valentine’s Day as the consumer’s materialistic holiday of choice.”

The agency says it ran extensive focus groups, A/B tests, segmentation studies, exploratory coffee breaks and diverse nap times.

A staffer named Pavel even spent hours disguised as a candle in a restaurant to observe romance first hand.

The Cupid brand’s animosity towards Santa Claus is evident throughout the document, which may have something to do with Santa(R)(C) choosing a competitor agency.

We’ve posted some images from the guidelines here. Check out Massive Media’s Cupid microsite for the rest.


Cupid Brand Book Image 2 Cupid Brand Book Image 3 Cupid Brand Book Image 4 Cupid Brand Book Image 5

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