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Decreased demand for brown goods


Decreased demand for brown goods


Demand for PCs, laptops, DVD players and recorders, MP3 players, cameras and camcorders has dropped, indicated search company Greenlight, as the number of online searches in the UK for the category saw a 24% decrease in June.

Greenlight’s ‘Brown Goods Sector Report June 2010′ highlighted that figures for brown goods totalled 11.4 million searches in June, down from May’s 14.9 million searches. May’s figures were also down from March’s 16.5 million searches.

Other key findings in the report:

  • Entertainment product terms (MP3 players, personal video players, audio and iPod products, and brand terms such as Logitech and Apple) were the most searched for in June (4.3 million), but still showed a decrease from March’s figures of 6.2 million,
  • The most queried term was ‘iPod’, which accounted for 1.2 million searches (11%) in June. This is a decrease when compared to March’s 1.8 million searches. ‘Televisions’ (7%) and ‘Laptops’ (5%) were the next most popular terms,
  • In natural search, Wikipedia was the most visible website for brown goods related searches, achieving 58% of voice. Amazon was the best performing retailer with 57% visibility, with PCWorld following at 31%, and
  • In paid search JohnLewis achieved 50% visibility, Amazon achieved 41% share of visibility.

Social media interaction with top brands was also gauged in the study. This was undertaken by monitoring the brands Facebook and Twitter accounts in order to assess how many fans and followers each brand has. The number of posts and tweets brands produced in June for consumers to interact with was also taken into consideration.

Findings included that Amazon was the most followed brand – with over 73,000 fans on Facebook. Very.co.uk was the most interactive brand producing 486 posts and tweets in June.

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