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Sales confidence high


Sales confidence high


82% of sales personnel believe that they will hit their sales targets for the September quarter, reported sales assessment company, Huthwaites Asia Pacific arm.

The survey showed a 9% increase on June’s forecasted figures, with 41% of the respondents indicating that the improvement would stem from their own ability to succeed in the current market.

“We are seeing that a strong economic outlook is outweighing any nervousness around a change in government. We are also seeing that sales forces are adapting quickly to changes in the market place and have reoriented themselves to changing customer expectations in a post GFC environment,” said CEO of Huthwaite, James Fennessy.

Certain sectors, such as manufacturing and professional services are witnessing lower confidence figures than others however, with just 53% and 59% respectively, indicating that they will hit budget. The sectors which predict the most success in sales are the advertising and media sector (82%), followed by banking and finance sector (63%) and information communications technology sector at 69%.

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