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Only 2,860,000 smokers in Australia


Only 2,860,000 smokers in Australia


The past four years have seen a 3% reduction in the total amount of smokers in Australia, according to Roy Morgan’s Research Health Monitor.

The report indicates that there are 260,000 fewer smokers than there were four years ago, with 17% (2,860,000) of the total population in Australia classing themselves as smokers.

The decrease in smoking is prevalent in cities with an estimated 218,000 fewer smokers in capital cities than four years ago. Although smoking was on the decline in country areas, it is reportedly on the rise again.

Healthcare consumer consultant at Roy Morgan research, Nick Williams, said, “Smoking in regional Australia remains higher than for the capital cities and the rate at which regional smokers are quitting is also slower. This indicates scope for stronger targeted regional implementation of the National Quit campaign and represents an opportunity for improved target marketing from the pharmaceutical marketers of medications that treat nicotine dependence.”

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