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eLearning start-up to help fill gaps


eLearning start-up to help fill gaps


A new kid on the digital training block has raised its hand to help marketers get more of an understanding of digital media.

Patty Keegan has announced the launch of her digital media training company, Digital Chameleon. The company aims to offer collaborative e-learning components that can be provided as stand-alone training modules, or blended with traditional face-to-face instruction by Digital Chameleon trainers. It will offer six digital media courses that address the needs for companies that buy or sell advertising.

Despite the company launch coming at a time where start-ups face immense challenges, Keegan, believes early discussions have shown that the industry recognises the importance of digital media education and the need for accountable and cost effective training solutions.

During the early stages of the company’s development, Digital Chameleon has enlisted the help of an eLearning Advisory Board, consisting of sales and learning and development managers from client companies including Austereo and Fairfax Media.

“The market conditions and continued growth of the online market are resulting in an increasing number of staff shifting from traditional to digital media roles as. As a result we see a huge opportunity for media owners, agencies, and marketers to train their staff for the transition and ensure they are effective from day one,” says Keegan.

“Digital Chameleon e-learning modules are also exceptionally accountable and cost-effective, making them attractive to companies cutting back on travel and training costs.”

Considering the state of the current ad market, any kind of further education on digital media will be considered a golden opportunity for many.

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