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Employee optimism on the rise


Employee optimism on the rise


Recruitment consultancy, Robert Walters, has released its ‘Employee Insights’ survey of over 400 Australian professionals,  revealing that 75% of employees feel that their sector is showing signs of improvement.

When compared to the national average, employees working within accounting and finance (77%), sales and marketing (81%), risk management and compliance (97%), and the legal field (98%) were the most optimistic.

Workers employed in HR roles showed the least optimism of all those surveyed, with only 62% agreeing that their sector was showing signs of improvement, closely followed by those in banking at 67%.

The survey revealed that workers in South Australia felt that they were seeing the most improvement of all the mainland states, with 88% agreeing that their sector was looking more positive.

NSW workers were the least positive, with only 71% agreeing that activity within their sector was on the rise.

“Market indicators are certainly pointing to an improving economy, and it is a good sign that employee sentiment is picking up. It is evident from a recruitment perspective that organisations are starting to plan ahead for more positive economic conditions and working to ensure they have the right people on board to capitalise on the inevitable recovery,” explained James Nicholson, managing director of Robert Walters, Australia.

The results for the survey were:

Is your sector showing signs of improvement?

               No      Yes
NSW     29%    71%
VIC       26%    74%
QLD      22%    78%
WA        23%    77%
SA         12%    88%
National 25%   75%

Results broken down by sector:

                                                  No        Yes
Accounting and finance            23%      77%
Banking                                    33%      67%
General management                29%      71%
Human resources                      38%      62%
IT                                              26%      74%
Sales and marketing                 19%       81%
Risk management/compliance  3%        97%
Legal                                         2%        98%

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