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Selling through sadness: Five ads that were made to make you cry


Selling through sadness: Five ads that were made to make you cry


To make an advertisement so powerful and emotive it brings your audience to tears says a lot for the talent behind the commercials found below. Although the premise of selling through sadness can seem callous, the powerful emotions associated with this kind of advertising can be one of the most effective ways in getting a message across. Take a look.

Pictures of You – TAC’s Anti Speed TV ad campaign

The TAC created a harrowing three-minute spot featuring the families of actual car accident victims.

On the launch of the campaign the TAC said, “The decision to feature real people in this campaign was to ensure the message was credible and communicated by real people from every walk of life who could easily be you or your brother or mother.”

Scared little boy spot – QUIT

This four-year-old spot from anti-smoking organisation QUIT took a different approach with its anti-smoking campaign.


What goes around comes around – True Mobile

Thai telecommunications conglomerate, True has produced a TVC that has been described as, “more moving and poignant than almost anything the big Hollywood studios have to offer.”

The spot, which is getting international attention, tells the story of a Thai man who is unexpectedly rewarded for a lifetime of good deeds he performed without expecting anything in return.

Click through to see the spot here

Who’s there TV Commercial 2011 – Worksafe Victoria

Worksafe describe this gut-wrenching spot as, “An emotional look at the consequence of not putting safety first. Two police officers arrive to break some bad news to a young family. This is the ultimate reminder that the most important reason for making your work place safe is not at work at all.”

Rhonda’s high school reunion – AAMI

And finally, (just to lighten the mood a little) heartbreak is one of life’s hardest challenges, and if you listen carefully enough you can actually hear Ketut’s heart breaking when he turns up late to Rhonda’s high school reunion.



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