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Gaming is more than just child’s play


Gaming is more than just child’s play


Think that the only people who immerse themselves in the world of computer games are nerdy teenagers? A study by digital media solutions provider Effective Measure trashes this stereotype with results that show 77% of South East Asia’s (SEA) gaming audience are adults aged between 21 to 60.

Casual gaming is growing to be a highly popular pastime for adults in that region, and is no longer a sub-culture ruled by teens, says Russel Conrad, SEA regional director of Effective Measure.

The study, which looked at over 17 million South East Asian users on gaming sites in the month of October found that the gaming culture is also particularly strong in Thailand and Vietnam and Conrad believes this is driven by local language gaming sites that cater to the users.

“The interactive aspect of gaming appeals not only to urbanites, but also to rural dwellers. Gaming audiences in capital cities are only 8% more than those in the countryside and other cities. This provides marketers a great opportunity to reach out to a relatively untapped sub-segment,” adds Conrad.

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