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Google integrates AdMob as mobile takes centre stage


Google integrates AdMob as mobile takes centre stage


Mobile advertising is beginning to take centre stage, a fact Google has recognised and is moving to capitalise on.

The search giant has integrated its AdWords for mobile – ‘AdMob’ – into the AdWords interface so that marketers can plan their search campaigns across the two platforms from the one place.

AdMob hosts ads on more than 2 million websites, in Google’s mobile search results and across 300,000 mobile applications. Many of Google’s 1 million plus AdWords advertisers also run campaigns through AdMob, which to this point had been housed on a different system.

In a blog post, Google’s director of product management, mobile, Jonathan Alferness, writes, “Mobile advertising has become a core part of marketers’ and publishers’ digital strategies, helping to fuel business growth and great content.”

“Bringing together the best of AdWords with the best of AdMob is an important step in building integrated solutions that help all businesses get the most out of digital marketing.”

The move will also helps AdMob developers and publishers increase their revenue by giving them access to a large number of new advertisers, according to Google.

With the integrated system, AdWords advertisers will be able to manage, measure and adjust search, display and video ads, reaching people on more than 2 million websites and hundreds of thousands of apps, across all screens.



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