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Grill’d Easter Bunny Burger not cute, says social media


Grill’d Easter Bunny Burger not cute, says social media


Grill’d has brought out the Bunny Burger in time for Easter, and animal rights activists on social media are outraged.

Burger chain Grill’d has outraged animal rights activists with the launch of its rabbit-meat Easter ‘Bunny Burger.’


On the Bunny Burger web page, Grill’d assures readers that all the burger’s ingredients are “ethically sourced.”

Rabbit meat for the burgers is sourced from Alpine Game Meats in New South Wales and Macleay Valley Rabbits.

Many commenting on social believe there is no way to ethically source rabbit meat, with some posting photos and statistics about Australia’s rabbit meat and fur industry.

An internet search of Alpine Game Meats – which primarily breeds and deals in venison – contains no information about the business’ commitment to ethical rabbit meat production.

A Macleay Valley Rabbits web page on the Macleay Valley Food Bowl site does state the business feeds rabbits hormone and preservative free pellets and has “chemical free” processing. As for its treatment of rabbits, it mentions their “temperature controlled, fly and mosquito proof accommodation” and commitment to fight the continuing threat of calcivirus, but little else regarding the treatment of the animals or their living conditions.

The business additionally supplies “15,000 wild rabbits per year” along with its 600 rabbits per week bred in its facility.

The breeding and consumption of rabbits is subject to a broad range of opinions, and there’s also the argument that Grill’d making revenue from rabbit meat is no different than its daily practice of selling beef, lamb, pork and chicken product.

However, the fact that it has launched the product in a comical manner surrounding a children’s Easter favourite is another matter, which one could argue is in poor taste.


At the time of publishing, the posts promoting the burger remain, and Grill’d has made no statement regarding the social media backlash.


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