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Guardian.co.uk unique users surge to 30 million


Guardian.co.uk unique users surge to 30 million


Guardian.co.uk reached a record audience in January 2009, attracting almost 30 million unique users in a month where all UK national newspaper websites posted record results, fuelled by coverage of US President Barack Obama’s inauguration and the ongoing economic woes.

The Guardian remains the most popular newspaper site, increasing its users by 30.6% month on month in January to 29.8 million

The site’s UK user total jumped from 8.4 million in December to 11.27 million in January. According to The Guardian, its jobs site alone attracted 2 million unique users.

Telegraph.co.uk held onto second place after its users increased 23.1% month on month to 25.9 million. Its UK users shot up from 6.9 million in December to 8.7 million in January.

Times Online grabbed third place back from the MailOnline after its unique users grew by 19.8% during the month to hit a record 22.9 million. The site’s UK users rose to 8.3 million, a 22.9% increase on December.

MailOnline, which includes the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday sites, posted a 16.3% month-on-month increase in users to 22.88 million. Its UK unique users rose to 7.28 million, up from 6 million in December.

The Sun, which includes the daily newspaper site, as well as NewsoftheWorld.co.uk and Page3.com, jumped 15.6% to 21.9 million. Its UK user total also increased from 6.5 million in December to 8.17 million in January.

Independent.co.uk posted a 17% month-on-month increase to 10.24 million unique users, while its UK users increased from 3.6 million in December to 4.4 million in January.

The Mirror Group, spanning Mirror.co.uk, SundayMirror.co.uk and People.co.uk, increased its users by 25% to 6.65 million users. UK user totals increased from 3 million in December to 3.69 million in January, which equates to 56% of its total audience.

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