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Infographic: Searching for Rudd and Abbott


Infographic: Searching for Rudd and Abbott


The most searched terms for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and leader of the opposition Tony Abbott have been compiled in two nifty little infographics by the good people over at Google.

It seems people are extremely interested in Tony Abbott’s daughters, while his recent accidental kissing of a stranger’s head and his thoughts on abortion were also common search terms.

Kevin Rudd’s name is often searched in conjunction with phrases like ‘news’, ‘Gillard’ and ‘memes’.

“This search analysis provides an insight into what Australians want to know about Tony Abbott and what political issues are having the most cut through,” says Google spokesperson, Johnny Luu.

“Australians are as interested as ever in Tony Abbott’s personal background with searches about his daughters, sister, religion, and even his former boxing career. When it comes to policy issues, the ALP’s cut to the fringe benefit tax saw Australians coming to Google to find out what Tony Abbott’s position was on the change.”

When it comes to what people are searching for in relation to policy, the fringe benefit tax is one of the top concerns, policy-related searches about Tony Abbott focused on social issues like divorce, religion and abortion. Kevin Rudd’s apology to the stolen generation continue to attract search interest, as well as queries about his policy towards asylum seekers.




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