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Internet is key to multi-channel success


Internet is key to multi-channel success


Technology plays a crucial role in enabling the multi-channel retailing supply chains that retailers seek, according to an Ovum report.

According to Ovum’s report, ‘Enabling the multi-channel retail supply chain’ there remains much confusion about how to implement a multi-channel operation that is efficient, effective and focussed on total customer experience.

“For retailers to succeed in their multi-channel operations, they must have a properly implemented end-to-end supply chain,” said Adam Jura, senior analyst at Ovum.

Internet penetration has been a key indicator within the retail industry for several years now, as it is considered a feed-in driver for investment in multi-channel retail strategies that include an online operation. Ovum reports that in the Asia-Pacific region, there has been significant growth in adoption of the internet.

“These results have important implications for retailers within the region, as consumer demand for the online channel is only going to increase”, said Jura.

Ecommerce in countries like Australia, South Korea and Japan has already established a strong foothold, although there is still some way to go from the retail supply side, in terms of meeting customers’ demands.

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