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Kelloggs keeping up corporate appearances


Kelloggs keeping up corporate appearances


As the economic crisis bites, companies have the opportunity downplay their commitments to corporate responsibility. However, Kellogg’s CEO, David MacKay hasn’t forgotten how important it is.

The big time food product provider has released its first Global Reporting Initiative report to evaluate performance on sustainability, environmental impact and responsible marketing.

The GRI guidelines have become popular since the sustainability framework concept was created in 1999, with over 1500 companies now adhering to the guidelines.

Mackay believes that companies can no longer take a back seat to the sustainability challenge.

“Now more than ever, it’s important to (make quality food) while minimising environmental impacts and positively addressing global challenges. Our customers, consumers, investors and other stakeholders expect it of us – and we expect it of ourselves,” explains MacKay.

Kellogg has reportedly set a goal of 15-20% reductions in energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste per metric tonne of food produced by 2015.

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