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Self-serve ads on the cards for YouTube


Self-serve ads on the cards for YouTube


YouTube plans on raising revenue by allowing major media players to run their own ads on the video site for, not only their own content, but illegally uploaded content by other users.

A report on slashdot.org indicates that YouTube is confident that US broadcaster CBS is already on board for the scheme, with other media organisations expected to join.

Traditionally, YouTube has raised revenue through site/banner advertising, making this initiative new ground for the video sharing site.

The scheme will allow TV, movie and music companies to upload content and then sell advertising themselves, for example through images or animations which are overlaid on suitable sections of the clips, with YouTube then taking a cut of this advertising revenue.

The news comes one week after YouTube began muting users’ videos featuring content from major media players, classifying them as ‘unauthorised copyrighted music’.

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