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Koala’s unfolding sofa bed: perfect for all of life’s surprises

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Koala’s unfolding sofa bed: perfect for all of life’s surprises


According to Koala’s new campaign, When Life Unfolds, there’s apparently very little a good pull-out sofa can’t help you with. 

The campaign features a series of short videos demonstrating all the little unexpected things you might need an extra bed for. Got an annoying relative you don’t fancy sharing a bed with? Had a big night out and don’t want to go upstairs? Koala’s got what you need. Their pull-out-sofas need little more than a shove to turn into a bed. It’s just too practical not to have, right?

Bradley Firth, Koala’s vice president of global brand strategy and creative, says: ““Sofa beds typically take forever to unfold and are horrible to sleep on.” 

“By pairing our whip-smart Koala creative team with Armand and Clockwork,” he continued, “we’ve been able to have a lot of fun exploring tricky situations where the Koala sofa bed range offers the perfect antidote.”


The ads don’t just show the clever and convenient design. It will also remind you of all the times you’ll need to use it. It’s a great example of reminding a customer of a problem, and then offering them a solution, all with a bit of cheeky wit, to boot.

“Koala’s proud to boast the #1 rated Sofa Bed in the country and it’s no wonder why,” said Mark Khademi, Koala’s VP of marketing. “The clever design looks incredible, folds out in seconds and features all the trademark comfort customers know and love Koala for.”

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Collin Vogt

Collin Vogt was a writer and intern at Marketing Magazine.

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