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Latest Snickers ad is confusing (and possibly offensive to women and tradies)


Latest Snickers ad is confusing (and possibly offensive to women and tradies)


This is one of the more confusing and polarising ads I have seen this year. The latest spot from Mars-owned Snickers is possibly the first ad I’ve seen that may in fact be talking it’s consumer out of buying its product all together – I’m not sure if that was the company’s intention.

The spot builds on the brand’s successful ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ global brand platform, which has been localised in each market. The premise of this 72-second spot involves Australian tradies on a construction site yelling out pro-feminism statements at women walking by, instead of the crass banter displayed by what society accepts as a stereotypical tradesman.

For a very uplifting one minute and 10 seconds a group of wonderful young men joining the sisterhood are portrayed hollering at women things like, “I want to show you the respect you deserve!”

Then it takes a nasty turn, when the familiar strapline flashes up on the screen: ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry.’

Excuse me? If I’m hearing it correctly, Snickers, you are saying:

  1. Tradies are sexist and mysoginistic,
  2. except when they’re hungry, in which case they get hilariously pro-equal rights, but
  3. luckily Snickers is here to fix this by ensuring they return to their primal mysognistic ways.


I’m so confused it hurts.



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