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Line of business managers are playing a bigger role in collaboration strategy – report


Line of business managers are playing a bigger role in collaboration strategy – report


Line of business managers, including marketers, are increasingly taking control over the technology they need to operate their business, according to a new report by Dimension Data.

The 2016 Connected Enterprise Report, surveyed 900 people across 15 countries to provide an overview of collaboration implementation strategies of organisations with over 1000 employees.

The study found that 89% of line of business managers and other non-IT executives, are playing an unprecedented role in establishing and executing their company’s collaboration strategy.

Tying in with this notion, the study found that almost six out of 10 line of business managers have their own budget in place, completely independent of IT, to purchase the collaboration technology they think their business requires.

Furthermore, over half of the line of business managers have staff within their department to implement and support this technology.

Dimension Data group executive Joe Manuele says that while the situation may challenge the role of IT departments, the benefits associated with having managers who are more familiar with the business, take control of collaboration technology could pay dividends.

“Line of business managers are much more familiar with how employees in their departments interact with each other, as well as with partners and clients. With that knowledge, they can identify what collaboration tools would best improve their workflow, and implement them independently,” says Manuele.

The study also found that improving workforce productivity (26%) is the top driving factor for Australian organisations when implementing collaboration technology.

In contrast, just 9% of organisations indicated improving sales and revenue was the main motivation behind it. This suggests most Australian organisations see improved sales as a byproduct of increased productivity.

It was also determined that Australian organisations have a greater understanding of collaboration technology.

20% of Australian organisations measured the success of their technology based on how it’s used, as opposed to the global trend which sees jut 9% of companies basing success on the same metrics.

Instead, organisations outside Australia are more likely to base the success of the technology on its implementation.



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