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LOEWE x Howl’s Moving Castle

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LOEWE x Howl’s Moving Castle


LOEWE has launched its final collaboration with Japanese film studio Studio Ghibli. The activation of the campaign features the LOEWE x Howl’s Moving Castle collection. 

The collection promotes the film’s magical world brought to life featuring designs of the characters on bags, clothes and accessories.

It features key characters like Sophie Howl, Calcifer, Markl, Heen Turnip Head and the Witch of the Waste.

The collection features a creative mobile experience developed by Stink Studios. An animation of a mischievous fire demon, Calcifer highlights a custom QR code where users are able to interact with scenes from the movie. 

The interactive experience leads the user to make interesting choices to determine which character from the movie they connect with most.

Creative director at Loewe, Jonathan Anderson explains, “The world we are living in needs a counteract: not as an escape, but as a different outlook. This, to me, is what Hayao Miyazaki’s animated films for Studio Ghibli are about: a commentary on the moment and an alternative to it, always heartfelt, fulfilling, full of fantasy and sentiment.”


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Benay Ozdemir

Benay is an in-house writer for Niche Media.

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