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Marketing Mag’s year in review: our 10 most-read interviews of 2019


Marketing Mag’s year in review: our 10 most-read interviews of 2019


Marketing‘s most-popular interviews of the year did more than check off big names – with some amazing guests, we delved into the most pressing issues of 2019. Here are the experts’ takes.

1. ‘The biggest battleground is how well we understand our customers’ – WooliesX analytics head on customer obsession

Woolworths customer

March: Prior to her appearance at ADMA Data Day, Rolee Satyam, head of analytics at Woolworths’ digital arm, told Marketing why customer centricity leads every decision she makes, from personalisation to career development. Read more »

2. Neurotrash! Sifting through the science and nonsense of neuromarketing

Dumpster neuroscience

February: Harvard neuroscientist Jared Cooney Horvath had a thing or two to say about neuromarketing. Is it useful? Is it pseudoscience? Is it all made up for a quick buck? Ben Ice got the expert’s take. Read more »

3. How McDonald’s does mix market modelling – the secret marketing sauce

Maccas fries McDonald's modelling

November: Upping its order on digital, cooking up market mix modelling and serving up KPIs for its creative agency are all part of the marketing recipe at McDonald’s, according to the fast food giant’s head of global media accountability and sourcing, Chris Graham. Read more »

4. Lavazza Australia MD goes deep on global strategy, tennis and ‘Italianness’

Lavazza cafe AusOpen19

January: MD Silvio Zaccareo explained Lavazza Australia’s motivation for sponsoring all four tennis Grand Slams and explored its delicate approach to local branding. Read more »

5. Spotify VP, global head of advertising sales: the audio renaissance and podcast revolution

walking with headphones bridge Spotify

April: Spotify VP Brian Benedik discussed how the world’s biggest streaming platform is riding the audio renaissance, how music taste influences ad responsiveness, where podcast advertising is headed and much more. Read more »

6. ABC head of data and insights talks streaming adaptation, measurement issues and time travel

Sydney Opera House ABC

April: ABC’s head of audience data and insights discussed prevailing issues in the Australian media landscape, Michelle Guthrie’s impact on the brand and why measurement should be taken out of commercial hands. Read more »

7. Love or Hate it three: Adam Ferrier shines a sceptical light on purpose

colin kaepernick Nike purpose

May: “It’s not a real concept.” Industry heavyweight and chief thinker Adam Ferrier told Marketing where his ‘purpose’ scepticism comes from and what he thinks we should be talking about instead. Read more »

8. “Maybe you can’t compete without disrupting” – Sendle CEO chats scale, brand building and empowering small business

Sendle ft image

April: Founder and CEO of Australian delivery start-up Sendle told Marketing about the company’s early growing pains and how it became Australia Post’s scariest rival. Read now »

9. Facebook stands to change the fabric of social media etiquette with Like hiding

Facebook dark on wood

September: Earlier in the year, Instagram users in seven test markets – one of which was Australia – saw a change on the platform that would remove total Like displays from their feeds. Following news that this change may extend to the Facebook platform, Venessa Paech said it placed Facebook in the powerful position of rewriting the social media rulebook. Read more »

10. Organisation-wide change agents: Megan Brownlow on today’s biggest marketing challenges

April: Marketing spoke with PwC’s Megan Brownlow, about current challenges for marketers, and how changes in media and tech will influence relationships between marketers and the C-suite. Read more »

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