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Mastering mobile marketing: the power of push and SMS


Mastering mobile marketing: the power of push and SMS


This article was developed by Marketing to promote the whitepaper, Modern Marketing Essentials Guide: Mobile Marketing’ on behalf of Oracle Marketing Cloud.


With consumers checking their mobile devices more than 150 times a day, smart marketers know that mobile marketing is increasingly essential to the marketing mix.

At least 79% of smartphone owners are using their mobile devices to buy products and services with their mobile devices, and this figure is growing. The opportunities for marketers to effectively target their customers are seemingly endless – but it is important to master the strategies and tactics.

Oracle’s ‘Modern Marketing Essentials Guide: Mobile Marketing’ provides a handy overview of the latest trends in mobile marketing and the most important aspects of this channel that marketers need to know.

As with all of the guides in this series, it aims to be a quick but detailed, compact but thorough resource for topics and education modern marketers need the most.

What’s inside the guide:

  1. Market with cross-channel orchestration
  2. Use smart data and signals to inform your mobile communication strategy
  3. Create a holistic view of customer interactions
  4. Deliver personalized marketing experiences
  5. Prove the value of your mobile marketing strategy

The power of push

70% of consumers find all types of push notifications valuable for their engagement with brands. This includes order updates and location-based messages, two uses for which the medium is particularly effective.

An intimate communication channel, push notifications instantly attract the attention of customers and receive 50% higher open rates than emails.

Push notifications are permission-based and best used as part of integrated, cross-channel activities.

Why SMS can be more powerful than email

SMS marketing may be an often overlooked channel, but those who are using it are finding it incredibly effective.

Similar to push notifications, SMS messages arrive in your customers’ pockets instantly, and they pay attention.

90% of SMS messages are opened and read within the first 90 seconds of receipt. This is compared to the thousands of emails every consumer receives each month, and often chooses not to open.

SMS outperforms email in all of these areas:

  • message open rate: five times higher,
  • user response time: 2400 times faster,
  • link click through rates: five times higher,
  • messages an individual receives each month: seven times less, and
  • proportion of messages received that are spam: 90 times less.

Download the report for more insights like these on SMS, push, data management and integration, creating personalised experiences and justifying ROI.

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