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Media Monday: Ten’s CEO and ABC’s director of news quit, Adshel’s new screens, Twitter’s event targeting


Media Monday: Ten’s CEO and ABC’s director of news quit, Adshel’s new screens, Twitter’s event targeting


In Australian media news this week, Network Ten CEO Hamish McLennan and ABC director of news Kate Torney quit, Adshel announces a new digital street furniture network, Newslifemedia develops a content sales network, figures show less than half of online ads are viewable, Facebook launches Partner Categories, Twitter launches event targeting, Baby Boomer site Starts at 60 cracks 2 million monthly pageviews, and The Daily Telegraph launches a new brand campaign.


Network 10 CEO Hamish McLennan quits

Hamish McLennan has quit his role as Network 10 CEO as of today, according to Mumbrella.

McClennan, who replaced Lachlan Murdoch as acting executive chairman and CEO since last year, will be replaced by COO Paul Anderson.

David Gordon will be the new chairman.


ABC director of news Kate Torney quits

ABC director of news Kate Torney has announced she will leave in September to take up the CEO role at State Library Victoria.

Torney has been in this role since 2009 and with the ABC since 1995.

Head of newsgathering Craig McMurtrie will act as her replacement from September.


Adshel announces a new digital street furniture network

Outdoor advertising company Adshel has announced it will launch in October a network of 270 digital screens to be “the world’s first national digital street furniture network”.

The Adshel Live digital screens will reach more than 28 million contacts per week across all of Australia’s major metropolitan cities.

The company has also launched a trade campaign, ‘Relevance at Scale’ on utilising live data and planning effective digital out-of-home campaigns.

Adshel first rolled out a digital street furniture network in Auckland earlier this year.


Newslifemedia develops a content sales network

Newslifemedia is merging its group sales and commercial integration teams to form a specialised content-focused sales model.

CEO Nicole Sheffield says: “It became very clear that a specialist content sales network was paramount for our business to provide best solutions and innovations to connect with audiences both inside and outside our networks.”

The team will consist of:

  • Former national sales director Paul Blackburn – director of sales and strategy, NewsLifeMedia,
  • Nicole Bence – sales and strategy director, food and family,
  • Milena Hopkins – sales and strategy director, premium living, and
  • Nicole Waudby – sales and strategy director, style.


Less than half of online ads are viewable

New figures released by viewability measuring company Meetrics show only 49% of digital display advertising bought during Q2 this year in the UK was viewable, totalling 485 million pounds wasted. The figure, published by MediaPost, showed a decline from the 56% during the same time last year.


Facebook launches Partner Categories

Facebook will soon launch Partner Categories, a series of targeting clusters created by third-party data providers Axciom, Experian and Quantium.

Using partner data matching, the categories will allow marketers to target audience segments based on people’s interests away from Facebook, facilitating a more relevant ad experience.


Twitter launches event targeting

Twitter has launched a series of new tools to help brands engage their audiences around special events:

  1. Event calendar: includes major global and country-specific events. “Australian events will be included gradually”.
  2. Event insights: compare data from the previous year including total audience reach, device breakdown and gender.
  3. Event activation: one-click campaign builder targeting a chosen event.


Baby Boomer site Starts at 60 cracks two million monthly pageviews

Starts at 60, an Australian digital media site for members of the Baby Boomer generation, has surpassed two million page views per month, making it the most-read niche online media site for this demographic in Australia and New Zealand.

The site has about 592,000 unique visitors, more than the 11% of the over-60 population in Australia and New Zealand.

Current sponsors and supporters include Australian Super, Living Gems Lifestyle Resorts, Escape Travel, Dymocks and Hachette.

Since being founded by Rebecca Wilson in 2013, the team has grown to include nine staff and more than 350 contributors.


The Daily Telegraph launches a new brand campaign

The Daily Telegraph has launched a new brand campaign aiming to reinforce the masthead’s position in NSW as an ‘agenda-setter’.

The ‘headlines’ campaign, developed by Disciple, will run in outdoor media including trains, taxis and large format billboards, featuring bold headline-driven creative.

Editor Paul Whittaker says the advertising aims to emulate the “power of the front page”.

“It goes to the heart of what The Daily Telegraph does best – breaking news and tackling the big issues that set the agenda for NSW and the nation every day.”


Daily Telegraph Brand Campaign 1

Daily Telegraph Brand Campaign 2


Daily Telegraph Brand Campaign 3

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