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Mobile marketing text message style by Broadcaster Media


Mobile marketing text message style by Broadcaster Media


Australian mobile marketing company Broadcaster Media is proving to be a hit in the U.S., with popular magazine Salon City using their latest mobile marketing tool to interact with readers.

Salon City, a beauty, fashion and lifestyle magazine with a Hollywood spin, is using Broadcaster Media’s Smarts platform for the creation and distribution of media-rich, context-specific ads to targeted mobile consumers.

The publications advertisers can use Studio, an application built from Broadcaster Media’s Smarts platform, to create and distribute content with advertising.

of sending text messages to a short code, interested subscribers send a
keyword to a dedicated phone number. Studio then automatically sends
that consumer a text message with a link to a mobile web site –
prompting consumers to visit the site and interact with the brand.Broadcaster Media’s mobile marketing solution means that instead of
texts being the end-message, they are merely a tool to drive
consumers to mobile web sites, where they can further interact with the
brand, by downloading or browsing on-line.

recent Telstra announcement of the introduction and long-term
investment in QR codes as a mobile interaction platform raises the
question whether Broadcaster Medias technology solutions will capture
the imagination of the public, especially with the launch of the iPhone
and the impending launch of many other smartphones from other handset manufacturers.

We are ultimately trying to make mobile simple,
said Michael Loftus, CEO of Broadcaster Media. The Smarts platform is
robust, scalable and usable for a multitude of campaign types.

Broadcaster Media’s hosted web service and carrier-independent platform mean that Salon City‘s
advertisers can build their own mobile marketing campaign in hours
instead of weeks, the service provider claimed. Advertisers can offer
customers color images and graphics, wallpapers, coupons, embedded
video, push-to-call and phone-based email.

End users have the
choice of interacting with the content either in real-time via a WAP
site or a download to their mobile handsets. A double opt-in feature
ensures that they only receive information they are interested in.
Studio lets advertisers create content that is both relevant and
entertaining, encouraging end users to engage in a one-on-one dialogue
with the brand.

The Broadcaster Media platform connects brands
with their consumers through real-time content that can be delivered to
their handset, email inbox or shared with their peers.

goal behind the studio platform is to let brand marketers rapidly
create and deploy engaging content and rich campaigns to the mobile
device of their target audiences, said Tammy Halter, Founder of
Broadcaster Media.

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