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mX becomes EminemX in rapper wrap


mX becomes EminemX in rapper wrap


News Corp Australia’s mX masthead is being temporarily renamed EminemX today to promote the hip hop artist’s tour of Australia.

The Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane commuter newspaper will also be ‘mega-wrapped’ with an image of Eminem as well as local details of his tour. The creative is aimed to represent a portable billboard promoting the tour.

The marketing director of Dainty, the agency behind the campaign, Edwina Tarrant, says: “The opportunity to run a wrap with mX branded as EminemX was an enticing proposition and one we felt compelled to take up. We had been looking for high impact, visually exciting advertising opportunities to launch one of our biggest campaigns of the year – and we found mX to be a perfect fit for this artist. Most importantly, the EminemX wrap is a certainty to resonate well with mX readers.”

mX publisher Fiona Mellor says, “Our mega-wraps have always cut-through to consumers and delivered strong results for our advertisers. With this execution, we are taking the unprecedented step of integrating the man with the masthead.

“Eminem’s no-holds-barred approach aligns nicely with the mX brand and our audience who love live music so we’re thrilled to be playing such a big role in announcing his 2014 Australian tour. We’ve had the likes of Sony Pictures and Warner Entertainment come on board with us for their movie and DVD releases, having Dainty in this mix cements mX as a desirable choice for the entertainment industry.



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