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New study shows Australians will watch ads if the content is free

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New study shows Australians will watch ads if the content is free


Samsung Ads has released that over three in five Australian consumers feel it is acceptable to watch adverts if the content is free. 

The new study highlights the relationship between users and streamed ads, stating Australians are more engaged with ads delivered to them on ad-supported streaming services, compared with other platforms like linear TV or paid subscription services. 

Fifty-four percent of Australians surveyed outlined that they watch ads on ad-supported platforms either in part or in full. This figure does not exceed 40 percent on any of the other TV platform types included in the study. 

A shift to emotions in TV advertising

Aussies are responding more positively to ads on advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) than any other type of TV platform in the study. More than a third of respondents consider them to be more enjoyable, exciting and trustworthy. Whereas for other TV platforms, less than a third of audiences attributed any of these emotions towards advertising. 

Keep ads short!

Short ads are undoubtedly a preference for everyone as they offer minimal disruption to the viewing experience – they’re also more common on AVOD services than other TV platforms. 

According to one respondent, “adverts on normal TV are too long”. On the other hand, another highlighted that AVOD services have “better quality products on offer”. 

The general consensus indicates that these ads have more of a personalised effect on the viewer, creating a more relevant experience. 

The survey also discovered the importance of relevance in ads. This was an important factor demonstrating how willing Aussies are to accept advertising on TV services. Thirty percent of Aussies surveyed said they felt the ads delivered to them across platforms were relevant – in particular, the ads on subscription video on demand (32 percent) and AVOD (31 percent) services were slightly more likely to be considered relevant. 

“The Australian audience is a discerning group for advertisers to engage with. In such an environment, it’s critical that advertisers are well equipped with key insights on how audiences want to engage across different TV platforms,” says Samsung Ads Australia’s general manager Alex Spurzem. 

“Short, sharp and relevant ads will help drive a positive association, which is particularly critical as more platforms introduce advertising tiers into their services. It is interesting to note that AVOD is so well received comparatively, showing that it is rife with opportunity for Australian advertisers.”



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Benay Ozdemir

Benay is an in-house writer for Niche Media.

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