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The Truth Issue – Marketing Magazine launches first volume for 2019


The Truth Issue – Marketing Magazine launches first volume for 2019


Marketing is pleased to announce the release of The Truth Issue, our first print edition for 2019.

It is now reaching subscribers and newsstands around the country. Purchase your copy here »

It is the first issue of our new quarterly frequency. Over the last couple of years we’ve released five issues per year. This quarterly format gives us the chance to spread the love more evenly throughout the year, also offering us the chance to invest time and resources in a number of new initiatives and products announced soon.

Truth Issue cover 200Getting to the bottom of how truth, transparency and authenticity are changing marketing, we:

… breakdown the history of brands going through trying moments of truth, and question whether an authentic brand is the same as a truthful one »

… ask industry experts what they’re doing in 2019 to develop a deeper understanding of their customer »

… explore the implications of growing automated decision-making algorithms, and the room it leaves for marketers »

… hear from Forrester analysts on the four forces driving Australian consumers’ tech stacks »

… have Harvard neuroscientist Jared Cooney Horvath bust some neuromarketing myths »

… analyse marketer’s objectives, struggles and preferences in Green Hat’s annual B2B survey; what we’ve learned from years past, and what it means going forward »

… get the scoop on how to make sure your focus groups aren’t lying to you »

… speak to Grant Munro about his company’s method for breaking down stock imagery into a fine science »

… explore the mental health issues of the media, marketing and creative industry »

… get the inside story of Network 10’s recent rebrand »

… see how RMIT changed how year 12 students look at memory »

… examine a power company’s campaign for people to use less power.

… understand why Swann Insurance made its ‘inconvenience stores’ as difficult to get to as possible »

… take a look at how one brand breathed new life into a dying language »

… learn the truth and lies your agency is telling about your future customer.

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To purchase a subscription to Marketing magazine, visit the online shop »

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