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Mars owned Puppo makes a personalised ad for every dog in NYC


Mars owned Puppo makes a personalised ad for every dog in NYC


Mars owned petcare brand Puppo has plastered New York City with bespoke advertising for every dog in the city.

Puppo, the first nutrition brand to arrive from Mars Petcare’s Kinship Labs, is a personalised dog food delivery service designed to address each dog’s specific health needs.

Today, the dog food brand made its debut in New York with a personalised poster for every registered dog in the city.

Using publicly available NYC Dog Licensing Data fed through modular copy and art directives, the brand was able to generate more than 100,000 individual and unique posters involving the real names and breeds of city-dwelling dogs.

The campaign arrives through Colenso BBDO Auckland, which created the algorithm that populated each poster with advice for how a Puppo diet could help address the needs of each specific breed.

“We all love our dogs, and having your dog, with all his or her unique personality quirks, pigeonholed into small, medium or large breed, isn’t always what’s best for the dog,” says Colenso BBDO creative director Kimberley Ragan.

Puppo posters

According to Colenso BBDO, where most consumer brands traditionally employ mass marketing tactics, the agency saw an opportunity to play off the uniqueness and direct-to-consumer nature of the product.

“Straying from the typical one-ad-for-100,000 consumers format, instead creating one ad for each of the 100,000+ dogs who live in New York City, allowed us to connect with owners in a more meaningful way, and help them find the right diet for their pup,” continues Ragan.

The OOH campaign is being delivered through media buying platform Milk Money and digital media platforms managed by Mediacom – allowing each dog to be targeted within their area of New York.

Kinship, the collaborative platform focused on pet health, was launched by Mars Petcare to innovate the pet food and health industry with data driven nutrition.

“At the core of Kinship is the desire to work together with our partners like Colenso BBDO, to deliver this transformational promise,” says Winson Wong, head of Kinship Labs.

“The Puppo campaign reflects the essence of this ambition – an innovative partnership highlighting a product built to serve every single customer in a very personal way.”

The campaign is OOH-led and will be supported with targeted digital display.


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