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nineMSN launches new video site


nineMSN launches new video site


nineMSN has announced the launch of its new video portal, ninemsn.com.au/video.

The company says its monthly streams have increased from one million in 2006 to 11 million a month currently, and that the site will archive 40,000 video clips in a matrix-style format.

The format allows individual content providers to be highlighted, allowing users to sort content by channel, genre or TV show.

Through channel-specific buys advertisers will be able to align their brand with particular video channels.

Division of content into channels such as comedy, sport or entertainment will allow advertisers to align their brands with values-related areas. According to nineMSN, this will be the first time brands will be able to associate themselves online with sport, news or entertainment, rather than traditional generic channels. nineMSN revealed that video is a key differentiator for it in the online market.

“The consumer will find the new site more interactive and engaging with respect to the way content is now displayed. Long form content in particular is in high demand and our content partnerships incorporate Channel Nine plus 15 other video providers such as MTV, Splash, National Geographic and Lonely Planet,” said Joe Pollard, nineMSN CEO.

The site will allow nineMSN clients to skin channels with their brand or product, in addition to pre-roll and display media. The site launches in partnership with LG, who are using the technology to promote their new line of plasma televisions. LG will enjoy 100% share of both the entertainment and sport channels.

Additionally, ‘inline’ video is being incorporated across nineMSN’s offerings to enhance editorial and video cohesion.

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