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Village People puppets to sell UK biscuits


Village People puppets to sell UK biscuits


A new campaign for UK company United Biscuits has incorporated finger puppets dancing to the soundtrack of the Village Peoples YMCA.

The Publicis-created campaign aims to highlight the shape of the ‘Hula Hoops’ biscuit. Helen Warren-Piper, marketing director of bagged snacks at UBUK, explained:

Some brands are the keepers of undeniable truths. ‘Hula Hoops’ is one of those brands – anyone who tells you they can eat a bag without first putting them on their fingers and giving them a wiggle, is a big fat fibber. The resulting films from Publicis and [the] public alike are testament to this truth.

The TVCs feature a train passenger and decorator who become engrossed in their ‘Hula Hoops’ Village People and DJ finger puppets. As those around them notice their behaviour the puppeteers quickly eat the snacks. The TVCs conclude with the line “in a hole world of their own”.

As part of the campaign, United Biscuits launched the Golden Hoop Film Awards. Using ‘Hula Hoops’ consumers are encouraged to produce their own finger puppet films and upload them for a chance at a Hollywood holiday.

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