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Old Spice gets stranger and stranger


Old Spice gets stranger and stranger


Old Spice has delivered a strange new campaign, even by its standards, launching a new campaign titled: ‘Smellcome to Manhood’.

The US campaign features three spots created by Wieden + Kennedy and depicts the struggles mothers face when their sons start kissing girls, via an entertaining musical score and the wonderful time in a teenage boy’s life when they finally get to kiss girls.

The spots see the mothers stalk their sons as they discover the weird and wonderful world of the opposite sex, all thanks to the alluring Old Spice scent they spray onto their teenage bodies each morning.

The campaign is also part of an education effort by the brand (even though it is not directly mentioned in any of the spots) to prevent the scourge of ‘over-spraying’. Old Spice has taken it upon themselves to tackle the common issue amongst pubescent teenagers by creating the nifty little infographic (below, after videos).





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