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Over the hump…


Over the hump…


Certainly one of the weirdest offerings we’ve seen come across the OTH desk, Pete the Meat Puppet is yet another video that will cast a viral shadow over people’s emails.

It focuses on Pete’s conception by a lonely butcher (who subsequently dies after creating him) and his search for the meaning of life, a journey that includes money, fame and a classic fall from grace – much like the life of Michael Jackson, or at least equally wacky.

Pete’s mangled meat features are now being broadcasted across the social media universe.

Created for the brand Diesel (the uber cool clothing boutique) by agency, FarFar, the bizarrely upbeat, Play School-styled song and black and white footage that accompanies the clip is both alluring and disturbing – think a Rob Zombie movie made with the band Primus and Nick Park (who created Wallace and Grommet).

Despite the dark themes displayed by our beloved carne hominem, the video contains the perfect elements for any agency that wants a successful viral campaign.

Though one question still remains – what the hell does it mean? I’m yet to see a ‘Made of Meat’ clothing range appear on the Diesel website…

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