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Paid-for-web content expands with perpetual online ad auction


Paid-for-web content expands with perpetual online ad auction


UK publisher, Dare Comics, has found an unusual way of monetising its online content – by holding a one-time eBay auction for a ‘perpetual’ display ad that will run in every digital comic book the company ever publishes.

According to a Revolution report, the ad will occupy a single full page PDF file, the format that Dare publishes its comic books online. It asserts that copy and creative can be changed up to 12 times a year in co-ordination with the release of new issues.

The auction has attracted a single bid from an anonymous advertiser for the reserve price of £10,001 (AUD$20,646), but the publisher claims to be in negotiations with a number of other brands including film studios and video games publishers.

“We were trying to think of an innovative way to bring the title to the attention of media buyers, something that would offer a genuine incentive for the major brands to get into business with us,” said Adam Handy, founder of Dare Comics.

Dare, in an effort to cover every eventuality, has included a footnote at the bottom of its eBay page stipulating that ‘the collapse of the internet, the sun exploding, or other events beyond Dare’s control do not invalidate the sale. Dare Comics will make the advertisement as perpetual as humanly possible’.

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