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Pega launches AI-powered Paid Media Manager and Pega Retail Advisor


Pega launches AI-powered Paid Media Manager and Pega Retail Advisor


Pegasystems has launched two new AI powered products, Paid Media Manager and Retail Advisor.

At its Pegasystems 2017 event in Las Vegas, Pega introduced Paid Media Manager, which uses AI to help businesses serve more relevant digital ads, and Retail Advisor, which helps retail agents better personalise the in-store experience.


Paid Media Manager

Powered by Pega’s Customer Decision Hub, Paid Media Manager continually learns and recalibrates with each new piece of customer or prospect behaviour – browsing, purchasing, requesting service or clicking an offer – across paid and owned channels.

It aims to serve the most relevant digital advertisements based on this data in the moment of interaction.

Pega introduced a range of new products and announcements at its annual conference, and Maarten Keijzer, VP analytics and marketing products at Pegasystems, says Paid Media Manager is the biggest one for marketers.

“Our approach, until this time, to marketing was on the known customer side – on the owned channels,” he says.

“We’re now taking essentially the same approach to paid media. That’s by far the biggest thing that we’ve done this year.”


Retail Advisor

The new mobile app aims to enable sales associates to hyper-personalise in-store experiences with AI-powered guidance.

The part of the Pega Marketing application, the artificial intelligence solution aims to enable:

  • More effective sales associates: predictive analytics guides associates through each step of the physical customer journey. This hopes to ensure a more consistent experience for customers regardless of who engages with them. The app ‘untethers’ staff from service desks and enables them to assist customers directly from the retail floor.
  • More receptive customers: By adding value and consistency to interactions, customers will become more open to assistance and therefore more likely to engage with brands, purchase products and return to stores.
  • Higher sales and revenue growth: Providing relevant service and products to customers – as opposed to trying to make quick sales – builds trust and loyalty. AI ‘next-best-action’ decisioning capabilities – which Pega boasts across a range of its products – in this case pinpoints upsell offers or service bundles that would best suit the individual customer.



Full disclosure: the author of this article attended Pegaworld 2017 as a guest of Pegasystems.

Ben Ice

Ben Ice was MarketingMag editor from August 2017 - February 2020

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