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Roxy ad dumb, embarrassing: Jane Caro on the spot sparking an online firestorm


Roxy ad dumb, embarrassing: Jane Caro on the spot sparking an online firestorm


Women’s surf-wear brand Roxy has drawn criticism from social media users and social commentators after releasing a video on YouTube that looks more like soft porn than a promotion for the womens’ professional surfing contest it runs and sponsors taking place in France this month.

The spot sees a half-naked woman rolling around on a bed in nothing but her underwear. She then puts on a white linen shirt and walks around her bedroom, before letting it drop to the floor and getting in the shower. The woman’s face is never shown, as viewers are asked to guess who the featured surfer is.

Advertising guru and and social commentator Jane Caro told Marketing the spot was dull to watch and has completely missed its target audience.

“Can I say, I think if Roxy approved that ad they wouldn’t know which way was up. I don’t think that that’s a very professional piece of communication on any level, or a sophisticated piece of communication on any level.

“If I was them I would be feeling embarrassed, and I don’t think this is a smart piece of marketing at all.”

The spot is being slammed for the sexualisation of women, particularly female athletes and is being labelled as ‘sexploitation’.

“Female surfers are powerful, highly-skilled female athletes, and to control that you have to turn them all into Barbie dolls… the woman who features in that Roxy ad looks more like a barbie doll than a surfer, I think its just missing who might be interested in it,” Caro says.

Roxy’s Twitter page hasn’t made a mention of the controversy as yet, but have announced they will reveal the face of the mystery surfer tomorrow.

Marketing has attempted to contact Roxy this morning for a comment but have so far been unable to reach a spokesperson.



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