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SEM advice: who should you turn to?


SEM advice: who should you turn to?


I can’t count the number of times p3 clients ask questions about search engine marketing. If the client is new to the opportunity, I generally introduce the concept and once we get beyond the basics of paid vs natural search and the pro’s and con’s of investment in each, i’m then asked…

“Who should run my search engine marketing campaigns? In house by junior marketing staff? Or in other departments like IT? …(because they know a lot about ‘computers’.) What about my media agency? Or should I contact a search engine marketing agency?”

Of course every marketeer’s situation is different and how much focus you will need in this area of marketing often depends on what category your brand is in. For example, the travel industry is quite advanced with search therefore you may wish to look to a specialist agency. Taking a look at FMCG, however? You wouldn’t really bother too much outside of buying campaign and obvious keywords.

Saying this, I attended a search engine marketing conference not long ago and ran into an international travel company marketeer who runs her paid search marketing in house. She had a couple of nasty experiences with her existing media agencies online department and had no confidence in search engine marketing suppliers locally.

What are your thoughts? What experiences have you had with search? Search agencies? Interactive departments in media agencies? In house?

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