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Sprite’s summer campaign features a hashtag and VR content


Sprite’s summer campaign features a hashtag and VR content


Sprite has launched the digitally-led #needasprite summer campaign.

Cocal-Cola South Pacific has announced the launch of Sprite’s #needasprite summer campaign to target young adults (16-29).

The multi-million dollar campaign is the first to be primarily driven by digital technology and platforms, including 360 video content that features an integrated virtual reality (VR) ‘refreshment experience.’

The VR integration was developed by McCann in partnership with Theo Majendie, creative director at CatalystVR.

“The Sprite VR World project challenged the team to bridge the gap between the film and computer game mediums using the latest technology in 360 visual effects,” says Majendie.

“The seamless transition from 360 video through a VR headset into a VR game world is something we have not seen done before.”

Additionally, Sprite will use Google Preferred and Vogon, to create a bank of shareable content.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 9.58.45 AM

Using Vogon’s five second pre-roll format and interchangeable creative platform, Sprite will have produced hundreds of snackable edits of the campaign’s online video content by the time the campaign ends.

The digital-first campaign is supported by out-of-home and cinema advertising and also employs social media content producer and influencer Jackson O’Doherty.

O’Doherty will help Sprite connect with its audience by launching the ‘Awkward Escapes’ series, which will be featured in Sprite videos across owned social platforms, as well as being backed up by native partnerships with Buzzfeed, Pedestrian and Junkee.

Ramona Spiteri, brand manager at Sprite says “with the launch of the #needasprite campaign in Australia, we are excited to continue our mission to take the brand in a new direction that puts digital innovation at the heart of our content.”



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