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Swedish retailer H&M announces Australia move


Swedish retailer H&M announces Australia move


Swedish fashion retailer H&M is hunting locations for their first Australian store, with Melbourne the most likely destination for the ‘high-street powerhouse’ responsible for some of fashion’s leading brands such as Marni, Versace and Commes des Garçons.

The official announcement of the move that has been rumoured for some time came via Facebook late last night (Australia time):

Facebook announcement

Chadstone shopping centre and Emporium, Melbourne’s latest CBD retail outlet set to open in late 2013, are the two places where H&M might bunker down, yet Sydney is still a possibility.

Bill Rooney, chief executive of retail consultancy group 6one5, has confirmed that H&M has approached his real estate contacts: “There is a big footprint there for the international retailers, and to have a tenant like H&M would be pretty awesome,” he told the Herald Sun this week.

Following the opening of two other international high-street brands in recent years, Zara and Topshop, H&M will offer Australian shoppers even more variety and access to the big European marques.

Additionally, Japanese retail titan Uniqlo, Abercrombie & Fitch, Forever 21 plus Victoria’s Secret are all whispered to be seeking dwellings in Sydney and/or Melbourne.



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