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TaguchiMail: not a Japanese fad!


TaguchiMail: not a Japanese fad!


No, it’s not mail sent by tiny interactive kids toys. I assure you that this is completely different.

According to this company, the shotgun approach to email marketing could become obsolete due to the new software developed by Melburnian Ben Dyer.

Learning to paint on the family Mac Plus computer before he could walk, 23-year-old Dyer developed a core optimisation algorithm that powers TaguchiMail, software that ‘dynamically optimises email marketing campaigns in real-time’.

As TaguchiMail’s chief technology officer, Dyer asserts that the software enables clients to improve the effectiveness of their email campaigns throughout the broadcast cycle.

This allows subscribers to receive the email they’re interested in, at a frequency that suits them, so they’re more likely to click-through and convert.

“If consumers receive unwanted or useless emails, they mark it as spam and this can do severe damage to your brand. TaguchiMail does multivariate testing in real time with different subject lines, headlines and calls-to-action to determine the email messages that subscribers receive,” Dyer explains.

So rather than sending one message to 100,000 people, and engaging five percent of them, the system sends 100 different messages to 100,000 people and engages a much larger proportion.

If you’re worried that your emails are being swatted away as rubbish, this software could give you the opportunity to hit your target more often.

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