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Telstra looks to the future with new campaign


Telstra looks to the future with new campaign


Telstra has launched its new brand campaign via the ‘A New Kind of Network’ video spot.

A new campaign from Telstra aims to tell the story of its network’s place in a changing and immersive world.

The video shows scenes set in the not-too-distant future, featuring Australians thriving in their everyday lives with the use of connected technologies such as AR and driverless cars.

Telstra partnered with ad agency The Monkeys to develop the campaign.


“Australians are renowned for their adoption of technology,” says the company, in a blog post that was released with the campaign announcement.

“The country’s demand for data is growing rapidly as reliable and fast connectivity becomes part of almost every aspect of our lives and a key building block of economic growth. Our networks are becoming even more important to deliver on our brand promise to create better ways to empower everyone to thrive in a connected world.

“Almost every part of our lives will be connected through technology, not in the distant future, but in the next few years. This is why Telstra is investing billions of dollars in our network capabilities, ensuring we will be ready for twice as many streaming videos, four times the number of connected devices and five times the internet traffic. This investment was announced in August 2016, and includes our strategic capex spend over the next three years,” continues the blog.


The campaign aims to highlight Telstra’s commitment to providing the following:

  • a mobile network faster than the rest,
  • greater 4G coverage than competitors,
  • a wifi network which extends far beyond the home,
  • a faster network, with the Netgear nighthawk, “the world’s fastest mobile hotspot,” and
  • a network ready for a world with billions of connected devices.

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