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The New SME


The New SME


There is a new breed of small business on the boil and it is about to shine.

One of the developments to emerge from the recent financial crisis is the birth of a new breed of SME. They are niche companies born out of a need to fill a void in an increasingly small global market. They work in a market of ever finer market segments that mass marketing and generic products cant cater to.

Affordable ecommerce solutions, coupled with cheap outsourced manufacturing or product sourcing, are connecting with market segments identified through social media – and providing them the products and services that suit them. Social media is allowing consumers to congregate and be heard in a way that is revolutionary.

Australia is in a unique position to be launching pad for many of these new SMEs. It has come through the GFC better than any other developed country. That means as markets are still growing and funding is readily available and the Federal Government spending on the new broadband infrastructure will only make it easier for these new business to get off the ground. The cost of setting up and operating a business drops dramatically with online software services that provide accounting, project management, and a myriad of other management and business tools.

This is not something to be feared. These new businesses are not stealing market share. They are creating new market opportunities. And they need help – maybe from you.

There is a fundamental change coming to our economy and its going to be driven by the little guy – and everyone will want a piece of the action.


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