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The PR dog?


The PR dog?


To find a unique point of difference when you are a Micro or Home Based Business, thus ensuring that your marketing, promotion and PR are not only remembered, but also acted upon, is not easy.

But the President of Home Based Business Australia, Barbara Gabogrecan, has a creative solution. Her young dog, Cooper is her ‘PR Resultant (this is not a typo – he is called a ‘resultant instead of a ‘consultant). He has his own business card, which Barbara hands out – and he gets lots of responses. The results are phenomenal, says Barbara, consequently we call him our resultant!

Cooper also has his own email [email protected] and his own column in a forum http://forum.mcei.org.au/ (which was read by 40 people in the first hour it commenced!)
Cooper is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Barbara has been training him with the idea to one day get him on TV. He loves to learn new tricks comments Barbara, and that is what gave me the idea to make him our ‘PR Resultant – because everyone loves him and relates to him – he is so adorable and full of fun.

Barbara believes more businesses should utilise animals in their marketing material. Why do you think a dog is featured so often on TV advertisements? Barbara asks, It is because everyone enjoys watching clever and ‘spiffy animals. It would certainly be a great way for this sector to give themselves a point of difference, as the more traditional businesses would be less likely to be so creative and innovative.

Here at Marketing we give this idea a firm thumbs up for creativity and a thumbs down for… well, everything else.

And if you think thats crazy, check out the lengths a juice company has gone to in order to include animals and make their brand sexy. This is one of the freakiest TVCs out there. Bears with boobs, zebras strip teasing and lots of spurting juice… http://youtube.com/watch?v=ck14LKBI9GM


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