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Vizzl is the Shizzle


Vizzl is the Shizzle


Originally launched in 2005, The Inspiration Room™ is a platform where one can search for the world’s most inspirational content while having the opportunity to socially interact with others about creative inspiration; to participate in educational forums; to obtain industry knowledge; and to improve their own creative works, all in one convenient online location.

The relaunch is big news for technology buffs as it is the first commercial website to utilise the groundbreaking data visualisation tool Vizzl, created by Deloitte in Australia. Vizzl’s customised filters, animation and use of visual objects combine to create an enjoyable and intuitive search process. The Inspiration Room™ was selected to premiere the new search technology because of its “inspirational” content and “sexy data”.

Stephen Molloy, founder of LOMAH Studios and the brainchild of The Inspiration Room™, will assume the role of managing director. Chris Mclean and George Galanis, founders of Teknowledge Design, will head up the divisions of sales and marketing and technology respectively. The creators of The Inspiration Room™ have big plans with the view to include new industries such as digital, fashion and fine art in the not so distant future.

Marketing‘s opinion? Sounds uber inspiring… of course as far as websites go, your loyalty should always be with us – but we will allow you to stray, just this once. http://www.theinspirationroom.com/


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