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Unlucky Furphy truck gets stuck, WTF


Unlucky Furphy truck gets stuck, WTF


You might think that truck was being driven by Austin Powers, but that’s no accident. This Furphy truck was specifically placed in this predicament to present its new crisp brew.

The installation features a real delivery truck trapped upright between two buildings. The lorry can be found in Sydney on Little Hunter Street. It’s cheekily blocking the path, whilst also announcing the new Furphy Crisp Lager. It’s like a regular lager, but crispier. 

“Furphy is all about unbelievable storytelling. The ‘what the truck’ installation is a fitting way to get people talking about Furphy Crisp Lager,” said Malcolm Eadie, portfolio director for Craft and Premium Beer for Lion, the company that owns Furphy. 

The installation was designed via Thinkerbell, in partnership with installation artist James Dive and Scoundrel Projects. 

Sesh Moodley, head creative ‘tinker’ at Thinkerbell, said: “the activation has been able to ignite both digital and analog pub chat, with onlookers sharing their disbelief. It’s a genuine ‘what the truck?’ moment.”

“We wanted the onlookers to find a truck that was not only blocking their way, but also in a genuine predicament,” says James Dive. 

The installation is a perfect way to generate organic shares on social media, the surest way to maximise your ad spend. Let’s just hope not many people want to get up that street. 

It’s also a good reminder, as always, not to drink and drive.


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Collin Vogt

Collin Vogt was a writer and intern at Marketing Magazine.

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