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VAIO TVC from Oates OK


VAIO TVC from Oates OK


Acclaimed Prodigy director, Dael Oates, has used a new technique to explore the meaning of an individual’s ‘projected’ reality in a new campaign for Sony‘s VAIO notebook brand.

In the 30-second spot, projected images visually represent the empowerment of a VAIO notebook.

The TVC seems to address the need for people to have a laptop that does everything wherever they are and for whatever purpose they require… or people like to think they are robots, have wings or lead armies of Spartans.

“Exploring the ideas of the aura or extension of your personality are fantastic metaphors not only for VAIO, but as a universal concept,” says Oates.

“Expression of individuality resonates within everyone. This reinterprets the meaning of your projected reality.”

Oates uses projector light and realistic source to experiment and explore natural light at night. In the ad, the projected images become part of the subject in the night landscape.

Oates was recently recognized as new director to watch by Shots.net.

His recent credits with Prodigy include Y&R Wellington‘s ‘Change The World’, Singleton, Ogilvy & Mather‘s ‘Milo B Smart’ and ‘Butter Menthol’, and Belgiovane Williams Mackay‘s ‘BigPond Sushi Train’.

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