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Writing the blogging rules of engagement (or stop f@cking up Zacs future!)


Writing the blogging rules of engagement (or stop f@cking up Zacs future!)


This post is the the second in a two-part series looking closely at
how corporate brands can begin engaging with consumers through other
peoples blogs.

  1. NAB spamming: maybe its time to take dance lessons
  2. The rules of engagement for marketers in the blogosphere

There have been a number of examples recently of false social media prophets (Cox+Inall and the NAB spamming fiasco, Clemenger BBDO for Fantastic Noodle. All these agencies are doing is wrecking the reputation of social media as a communication channel. And unlike many of these agencies, I actually want social media to work for companies because I can see so much value in a closer relationship between companies and customers.

I’ve decided to set up an open forum discussion around creating rules of engagement for companies and bloggers. The rules are currently being debated in this open forum on the Aussie Blogging Forum site.

Forum thread: The rules of engagement for bloggers and companies

This is a call out to any individual who represents either:

  • a PR agency
  • a media agency,
  • a digital shop
  • or an advertising agency

If any of you are thinking of launching new or social media strategies, come join the conversation, see it from the bloggers point of view, put your ideas forward and lets make these guidelines best for everyone.

Oh, and if you want to find out how these false prophets just might be f@cking up Zac’s future, check out his latest blog post on the subject.


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