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ACCC tries branded content to get message across

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ACCC tries branded content to get message across


The ACCC has thrown its hat in the branded content ring, releasing a short film to educate people about illegal business cartels.

Produced by Melbourne-based production company, Burning House, the 16-minute film entitled ‘The Marker’ tells the story of new employee Martin Tully who finds himself in a workplace engaging in cartel behaviour. As the story line plays out, Martin is forced to decide if he will cheat with his competitors or come clean.

The ACCC elected to go with the branded content approach to push the boundaries of their corporate communications style, and felt a film would be the perfect vehicle for engaging their target market with the cartel message, according to Burning House.

In a statement the production company said it is a firm believer that the future of branded content lies in the power of interesting and compelling storytelling.

The film ends by showing the consequences for the ring leaders of the cartel business which include civil and criminal sanctions and up to 10 years in jail. Cartel behaviour includes any cooperation between businesses to fix prices, share markets, rig bids or restrict supply/outputs.

The production qualities of the film are excellent, but will the story line keep an audience all the way through? Let us know your thoughts on the ACCC’s foray into branded content below.



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