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Facebook to roll out larger ‘pages you might like’ mobile ads

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Facebook to roll out larger ‘pages you might like’ mobile ads


Facebook will introduce larger ‘pages you might like’ ads into its mobile web news feeds over the next few days, according to an update on the company’s own Australia and New Zealand marketing page.

The update reads:

“We are working towards building ad units that can achieve any of your advertising objectives in news feed, so that everyone can benefit from the performance of the most engaging placement on Facebook.

“In the next few days, Page Like ads will start appearing in the news feed of people accessing Facebook’s mobile site on a touchscreen device. When shown there, Page Like ads will look like the screenshot attached, and users will be able to like the Page directly from the ad unit.”

The change will see the size of individual Page Like ads increase on the size they are in the groups of three Facebook had been displaying them in, as well as the addition of an image.

Concerns have been raised that ad units such as ‘pages you might like’ will be found annoying by users, but under the pressure to deliver to shareholders Facebook continues to roll out new ways of monetising its properties.

The change will allow advertisers to reach a larger audience, in what Facebook describes as “the most engaging placement of the site”, with an ad unit optimised to convert people into fans.

There are also plans to make the new Page Like ads available on all mobile experiences, including iPhone and Android applications in the next couple of months, and to start testing Page Like ads in news feed on desktop.

The full announcement as it appeared:


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