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Googles Super Bowl wins Buzz

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Googles Super Bowl wins Buzz


According to Alterian, Google’s advertisement topped social media buzz around Super Bowl commercials.

The report comes in the face of online commentary comparing the buzz to walking into a room where everyone already wanted Google to win.

Alterian analysed 185,835 social media conversations between December 1 2009 and February 8. Two non-advertisers (Pepsi and FedEx) and 44 advertisers were compared. The analysis included Facebook, YouTube and forums, but Twitter was most popular with 67% of all conversations.

While Google won in numbers on the day, Pepsi was in pole position until then. Doritos took the most positive conversations trophy. Religious group, Focus on the Family’s advertisement was the second most talked about ad and the most negatively discussed.

“Alterian’s most recent annual survey found that 60% of marketers plan to invest in social media in the next year. All marketers know that social media is a great way to communicate with the public, but it is also important to listen to what is already being said about your brand before launching a social media plan, and to see if the plan, once launched, is being received positively and in high numbers,” said Alterian’s VP of corporate marketing and digital engagement, Bob Barker.

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