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Marketers rely too heavily on social, need to diversify digital into gamification

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Marketers rely too heavily on social, need to diversify digital into gamification


Digital marketers are too heavily reliant on social media and should diversify into gamification to boost engagement with their online efforts.

Such is the message to come out of SapientNitro’s ‘Insights 2013′ report, which predicts corporations will spend $2.8 billion on gamification by the end of 2016.

The report questions the long term value of social media like Facebook, pointing to an increasingly passive audience on social networks as information overload and network fatigue start to impact on how consumers interact on these platforms.

“Between July 2009 and June 2011, there has been a large level of decline in contribution and active participation on Facebook,” SapientNitro’s information architects Mohammed Iqbal and Syed Suffiyan write.

“This raises the question of whether brands should invest everything in Facebook pages. To counteract this, marketers need to diversify their digital marketing activities.”

Marketers need to transform consumers’ passive behaviour into a dynamic high-end user engagement and involvement activity, with gamification the perfect way to achieve these higher levels of engagement, the report contends.

Gamification can be coupled with social media and existing online content to add an extra layer and greater motivation to engage in digital programs. But the report warns that using it as a quick and tactile solution can lead to poor engagement and low return on investment.

“Gamification, when coupled with social, has tremendous potential in dynamically engaging users, and is a strategy marketers can use to diversify their offerings in the future. It is very important to understand the process of gamification and behavioural engineering to make this endeavour a success,” the report concludes.


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