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Facebook to release monthly ad metrics, debuts additional measurement tools

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Facebook to release monthly ad metrics, debuts additional measurement tools


In a new move to win over the trust of advertisers and brands, Facebook has announced additional campaign metrics and measuring tools.

In efforts to provide more transparency and understanding to brands advertising on its platform, Facebook has announced a series of new measuring tools.

In a blog post, the social network committed to release new metrics “every month or so, so that businesses have better ways to measure outcomes, all in one place.”

The announcement includes tools introduced to provide more visibility on ad interactions, including:


Landing page views

This metric aims to give brands a “better sense on the number of visitors that arrive to [their] websites after a link click on an ad.”

It’s primarily introduced in response to slow-mobile loading mobile sites or poor connections, which lead people to lose interest while waiting.

“This new metric will help businesses realise the importance of optimising for a better mobile experience,” says the blog.

Pre-impression activity breakdown

This one’s for brands wanting more clarity around whether or not someone who clicks on an ad is a new or returning customer. Being rolled out over the coming weeks, it will show the number of people who have previously engaged with an advertiser’s website or app versus new visitors.

Pre-impression breakdown is “particularly helpful for businesses running dynamic ads for broad audiences, where the audiences expand beyond their own customers, and where ad creatives are generated dynamically based on associated product recommendations,” boasts the blog.

New reporting on page interactions

Three new reporting metrics will give page owners a more complete understanding of how people learn about and interact with their businesses.

  • Follows: rather than only showing the total amount of ‘follows’ a business has, Facebook is now breaking out the number of follows a page gains or loses over time, insights into where follows happen, follower demographics and a breakdown of organic and paid follows.
  • Previews: this will show the amount of people who come across a page’s information without actually clicking or following the page – “We’ll show you the number of people who saw your page’s information when hovering over your page’s name on desktop,” says the blog.
  • Recommendations: Facebook will now start showing the number of times a page has been included under someone’s recommendation as a suggestion from friends and family.



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Ben Ice was MarketingMag editor from August 2017 - February 2020

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